Soursop – Natural enemy of Cancer Cells

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July 8, 2017
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February 16, 2018
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Soursop – Natural enemy of Cancer Cells

Soursop Leaves

Extracts from the tree were revealed to properly target as well as eliminate deadly cells in 12 kinds of cancer cells, consisting of colon, bust, prostate, lung and also pancreatic cancer cells.

Soursop – Natural Enemy Of Cancer Cells

The outcomes revealed that Soursop leaves, as well as stems, were discovered efficient in assaulting and also destroying deadly cells.

Soursop – Natural Enemy Of Cancer Cells

One of the most substantial components of the record is that Soursop (Annona Muricata) was revealed to precisely target the cancer cells, leaving healthy and balanced cells untouched. Unlike radiation treatment, which indiscriminately targets all proactively replicating cells (such as tummy and also hair cells), creating the typically damaging negative effects of queasiness as well as loss of hair in cancer cells people.

Soursop – Natural Enemy Of Cancer Cells

A clinical study released in the Journal of Natural Products in 1996, mentioned that the bioactivity-directed fractionation of the seed caused the seclusion of a brand-new substance (cis-annonacin) that is precisely cytotoxic to colon adenocarcinoma cells (HT-29) where it was much more powerful compared to Adriamycin.

The Soursop tree, its fruit, soursop leaves, stem, bark might be an all-natural cancer cells cell killer.

In numerous independent research laboratory examinations have actually confirmed that Soursop might be a powerful cancer cells killer.

Exactly what’s even more, unlike radiation treatment, lab examinations reveal that the substance is drawn out from the Soursop tree precisely eliminates just cancer cells. It does not hurt healthy and balanced cells! Numerous components of the tree– consisting of the bark, leaves, origins, fruit and also fruit-seeds– have actually been utilized for centuries as medication for indigenous Indians in Southern U.S.A. to deal with heart problems, bronchial asthma, liver issues as well as joint inflammation.

Safeguard your body immune system as well as stay clear of lethal infections. Feel more powerful and also much healthier throughout the training course of the therapy. Increase your power and also enhance your expectation of life.

The resource of this details is equally as magnificent.

A research study at Purdue College discovered that the leaves from the Soursop tree eliminated cancer cells amongst 6 human cell lines and also were specifically efficient against prostate, pancreatic and lung cancers cells.



  1. Very Informative information

  2. jeanelle.jay1 says:


    I have Hodgkins Lymphoma and I’ve been taking the First Vita Plus product (Guyabano flavour) and would also like to try the soursop leaves. However I was recommened by the pharmacist to not take the Vita plus supplment or any soursop products as it may potentially increase toxicity of vinblastine, doxorubin and neputiant. Neurotoxicity has also been reported with it according to the pharmacist.

    I’ve been drinking the vita plus guyabano flavour before treatment but now I am very worried to take the product since I am on chemotherapy. Just started my first cycle on 2/2/18.

    Any suggestions or has anyone with the same condition still take soursop during chemo?


    • Soursop Admin says:

      Hi Jean-Elle,

      Many customers use soursop during chemo with no adverse issues at all, in fact, they say it helps with the nausea among other things.

      I will email you more as I know of a personal case I would rather not have public.

  3. Ann klecha says:

    I have severe copd . will soursop leaves used as tea help my breathing and lung inflamation ?

    • Soursop Admin says:

      Hi Ann,

      Its possible it may help as we have had other customers with the same issues that have used the leaves with varying degrees of success.

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