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Vitalxan Mangosteen Balm 100ml Jar
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Soursop Leaf Tea Bag Pouch




50 x 100% Soursop Leaf Teabags per Pouch

Efficacy of the Soursop leaf (Annona Muricata)
100% Soursop Leaf Teabag Pouch= 50 Sealed tea bags

Made from 100% soursop leaves, highly selective raw material selection ranging from post-harvest to drying.

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When purchasing it is assumed that you have read the medical disclaimer.

SOURSOP Leaf Tea Bag Pouch

50 Soursop leaf tea bags in a pouch for just $33

The soursop (Annona Muricata) plant that has many health benefits for humans. Proving vital in the treatment of health problems such as gout.

We offer 100% pure soursop leaf in our Vacuum sealed tea bags. Persistent use of the soursop tea has been known to bring about immense improvement in the general health of a person.

Our soursop leaf tea bags are:

  • Preservatives FREE
  • Well processed under controlled conditions
  • Processed using the indirect drying system
  • Have 12 months potency before expiration
  • Quality vacuum sealed bags
  • Hygienic Manufacturing
  • Smooth tea bag contents

Store in a cool and dry place (room temperature).
Best taken before meals then drink water.

Serving recommendations:
For prevention: 1 teabag per day

For treatment: drinking regularly for 1 month, with the rules of use as per below.
Day 1-7: Consumption of 1 teabag per day
Day 8-21: Take 3 teabags per day
Allow 10 days before restarting.

Additional information
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 14 x 10 x 7 cm
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