Mangosteen Capsules




Mangosteen 100% Whole Fruit Capsules

Rec. Retail   $30.00  – 90 Caps per Tub

Get 4 for 3 price at $22.50 bottle.

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Mangosteen Capsules – Triple Strength

Mangosteen Capsules 90 Capsules per Tub | ORAC Reading is 3,365,000 KG | Best Mangosteen Product Available.

Australian Made – Premium Brand since 2003.  A powerhouse of nutrients with over 40 Antioxidants.  The richest form of Xanthones, a special class of super-strength antioxidants, offering benefits to every system within your body.

  • Preservative & Pesticide free wild-harvested A-grade fruit
  • Cutting-edge cold processing strategies make sure optimum bioavailability and enzyme activity
  • Natural, high ORAC product containing no synthetic fillers, synthetic vitamins or prepared processed components
  • 100 % Mangosteen, encapsulated in a veggie cap. Lactose/ Gluten Free.
  • Made in Australia

Use only as directed and if symptoms persist, see your medical doctor/healthcare professional.


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